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About Dollar Bank

Dollar Bank is Located in Pittsburgh and Cleveland

About Us Our roots are deeply tied to the people, commerce and values of the western Pennsylvania and northeastern Ohio regions. For 161 years, Dollar Bank has grown to become a large, full service, regional bank committed to providing the highest quality of banking services to individuals and businesses. Today, Dollar Bank operates more than 60 branch offices and loan centers throughout the Pittsburgh and Cleveland metropolitan areas.
Mutually Inspired
How mutuality has inspired solid growth.
Dollar Bank has a position of safety and soundness that is envied by other financial institutions. As the largest independent mutual bank in the nation, Dollar Bank has no shareholders to answer to and therefore is not fixated on stock price. * We are able to focus solely on Dollar Bank customers... the products that meet their needs, the services that offer them convenience and a banking experience that lets them know that they are what is most important to this institution.

Commitment to longevity is also apparent in the day-to-day management of our institution...
  • Dollar Bank has never participated in sub-prime lending.
  • The quality of our loan portfolio remains strong and we continue to lend money to individuals and businesses.
  • Federal government regulators have consistently considered Dollar Bank as “well capitalized”, which represents the highest category of financial strength and soundness.
  • Annual Statement of Condition 2015
Mutuality inspires our customers and communities.
Banking services are fundamental to daily life. Individuals are free to pursue their dreams (be inspired) when they are not preoccupied with the safety of their life savings, the reliability of the service behind their bill payments or the ability to finance homes or education.

Dollar Bank knows the people and the communities that we serve. Our employees live and work in these communities. They participate in the decisions of local business organizations. This local knowledge is reflected in the loans we underwrite and the causes we support as an institution and member of the community.

A community's success relies upon the businesses that make up that community... their dependability, integrity and availability to those individuals that rely upon them. Dollar Bank's presence as an employer and as a lending institution, as well as the banking services provided has served our communities well for over 150 years.

Here For the Future
At its core, banking has always been a business of responsibility and earning the confidence of our customers. The leaders of Dollar Bank feel an intense responsibility to remain independent and provide products and services that grow out of understanding our customers' needs, both individual and business. That is what has set Dollar Bank apart in the minds of our customers and has made us one of the oldest continuously operating banks in our region. That's what will carry Dollar Bank into the future.

* Source:, mutual institutions as of 12/31/15
Business Relationships Built On Experience
Dollar Bank has grown large enough to be an instrument of change for the businesses we serve, without abandoning the personal service they have come to expect. We recognize that lending to area businesses spurs job growth, enhances the tax base and strengthens the region's economic viability. Businesses both large and small have been the beneficiaries of our sound and smart approach to business lending.

Key to the success of business banking at Dollar Bank is our people. Business owners benefit from the services provided by experienced bankers, capable of managing their accounts and developing an understanding of their business. This ongoing relationship allows their banker to address current financial needs and assist in anticipating future opportunities.

Relationship managers partner with all key business areas within Dollar Bank including Business Financing, Real Estate Lending, Leasing, Treasury Management and Private Banking as needs arise.
Community Development

Dollar Bank is committed to providing services that reach low and moderate income areas within the communities we serve.

Since 1994, we have been recognized as a leader in Community Reinvestment and Economic Development. Federal government regulators, have consistently ranked Dollar Bank "Best in Class" in the area of Community Reinvestment. Whether we are working with individuals, small businesses, corporations or non-profit groups, every relationship is approached as neighbor to neighbor.

Making Home Ownership Available
to Everyone

Partnering with Churches, Businesses and Community Organizations

Ownership For Everyone Ownership For Everyone
Supplier Diversity Program
Our Supplier Diversity Program.

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In The News
Press Releases Dollar Bank has released to local news entities.

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Historical Timeline
The history and evolution of Dollar Bank.

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