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Home Equity Term Loans in Pittsburgh and Cleveland

With a Home Equity Term Loan you can select the options for your loan.  Get a high borrowing amount, a lower interest rate or a longer payment term to reduce your monthly payment.  A Home Equity Loan is a secured loan, and the interest paid may be tax deductible.*

Home equity is the difference between the current market value of your home and the amount you still owe on any mortgage or loan that are secured by your home.  The borrowing amount is determined by calculating the value of your house and subtracting the mortgage amount and any other outstanding loans that are secured by your home.

Our Home Equity Term Loan has a fixed or adjustable rate and a fixed monthly payment for the entire term of the loan.  This provides easy budgeting and protection against rate fluctuations.

Third-lien position home equity term loans are also available. This allows you to access more of your home’s equity at a great rate without having to refinance your first or second-lien. For details or to apply, call 1-800-242-BANK or your local branch or loan center.

Interested in a Home Equity Line of Credit, click here.

* Consult your tax advisor regarding the deductibility of interest.

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